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Cambodia was left ravaged after suffering under the Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s. Today the country bears a legacy of war, destruction, and poverty.

It is here that Novo staff envision national leaders rising up, using their heritage and experience to relate the Gospel in ways that are unique to them, and bearing fruit as they minister to their communities and beyond.

The Ethne team here comes alongside Cambodians to develop long term trust and relationships, and care for both physical and spiritual needs. The team is multifaceted so they serve among and minister to a variety of people:

  • They identify, train, and encourage church leaders so they can grow in both maturity of faith and capacity, and choose to serve their communities to transform Cambodia and the surrounding countries.
  • They are nurturing the relationship between Japan and Cambodia, envisioning Japanese Christians living and serving alongside the marginalized in Cambodia, and Cambodians rising up to make a better future for their country.
  • They invest in the wellbeing of families in Cambodia, using sports outreach, music, and prayer to open doors to love on the children of Cambodia. One staff has answered the call to work among trafficked children in Cambodia by volunteering at a boys' drop-in center.
  • The team also desires to raise up intercessors and worshipers, mobilizing people to pray and invest in families. With this passion team members recently helped open the International House of Prayer in Phnom Penh and regularly serve there.

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